M.ust W.e R.eally?

Aug 27

Living With Jigsaw

Some roomates are the absolute worst. Check out this short film.

Living With Jigsaw from Chris Capel on Vimeo.

He really needs to get his own place.

Chris Capel

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Keeping in the series of great interviews. In this episode we all get to speak to Andy Patalan (Guitarist for Sponge)!

He called in from the road to talk to us about his band Throttlebody. We were able to play a few tracks. In studio we had CJ “Music God” Plain, he sat in and goofed off with Michelle, D and Odd. Hilarity always ensues and we were going to try and do more with Andy for you guys.…

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MWR: We’ve Been Rigged For Sound.

MWR: We’ve Been Rigged For Sound.

Ladies and Gentlement, I present to you the return of Rig Rox.

I honestly feel bad, because I have let this slip for so long…. I can’t honestly remember what happened or what was said. So sit back and enjoy the magical mad ride that this show probably is.

Music Played

Stay Tuned – The Jeffersons
Seven Story Fall – Nightmares
ZJCSB – Burn Down The Candy Store
Red Mercury Blues Band – You and Me

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Aug 21

REBLOG if you are hella bored and wouldn’t mind some curious anons.

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Aug 09

Movie Mouth Off: Men In Blah

Movie Mouth Off: Men In Blah

By Oddman Pay with PayPal

It’s another installment of Movie Mouth Off!

This time we’re down two cast members, but that doesn’t mean the funny wasn’t brought! In this episode Tim and Matt of Majik Moments are your last line of defense against the worst scum of the universe. So sit back, pop in your DVD or Blu-ray copy of MIB and prepare to be amused beyond what the original film offered.


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Movie Mouth Off presents: Hellrazzing!

Movie Mouth Off presents: Hellrazzing!

By Tim Majik Pay with PayPal

The first ever Movie Mouth Off! The crew takes on Clive Barker’s legendary 1987 cult hit Hellraiser.

You’ve done it now, you just opened up a world of side slipping laughter and and jokes that really take a digat this late 80′s gem. Though there are a number of sequels and spin offs over the years, we thought it best to go straight for the film that spawned the whole craze. We…

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Aug 08


By Uncle Bob

With Wil and Cindy still unavailable, I sat out in my garage and played some of the musical artists that I like.

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Ron’s Not Home

By Uncle Bob

Welcome to another episode of Uncle Bob’s Broken Radio, you know we sure hope you enjoy listening to us because we sure do enjoy making these shows.
Make sure you give us some feed back in the comments section down below, tell us what you loved and tell us what you might like to hear in the future. From all of us here at Uncle Bob’s Broken Radio, thank you for hanging out and having…

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