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MWR: My Anal Americans

MWR: My Anal Americans

Greetings My Anal Americans, it is on this day the Fourth of July 2014 that we put forth an independent speech program encapsulated by anal discussions. 4 score and 7 sore holes ago….


Alright, enough of that horse shit. Hey everybody, it’s your good buddy Odd here with another rousing episode of Mad World Radio. Michelle and I are joined by MR. MAJIK!! We helped celebrate Tim’s birthday and…

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A Yellow Stream of Consciousness

A Yellow Stream of Consciousness

Well it has been quite some time since I have sat down and just blogged without having some grand intent/design behind my words on a virtual page. I had embarked on a sort of ExODDus and was trying to get back to a sense of normal, but then I remembered that normal fucking sucks.


You see I recently have been getting back in touch with the one they call Odd Man. That dude, got tucked into a…

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Cement Dreams

Hello kiddies, it’s your good buddy Odd here. We sure did have a lot of fun hanging with our pal Larry. Michelle and I think we might have broke Larry though.


You see, we all sat down to do this episode of Mad World Radio and well….We each had our poison of choice! Michelle had Vodka (watermelon), Larry had Fire Ball and Coors (which he shared with me) and I had a nice bottle of Jameson.


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MWR: Broken Baby Show

MWR: Broken Baby Show

Heartbreak seemed to be a common theme this week, but we put our best foot forward and give you the Broken Baby Show.


The table included Greg Shur, Tommy Rustin and Bobby Bayn. We also got a call from Jason “The Keach” Keacher. We covered a ton of ground in this episode and we did it with the help of drunken cupcakes. No we didn’t have boozed up hotties in the studio (we wish!). Michelle brought…

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It’s Not Me, It’s You.

It’s Not Me, It’s You.

It’s not me, it’s you!


Disclaimer: I am not slamming any one particular relationship or another. 

The relationship landscape looks a little bleak these days. My own personal experiences have left me feeling defeated and unsure of how to proceed. It seems people, everyone including myself…have forgotten how to connect or worse yet have stopped wanting to connect. It goes far beyond connecting…

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MWR: We Ruin Yogurt

MWR: We Ruin Yogurt

That’s right kids, we ruin yogurt for you.


This episode has a little bit of everything…Including a collect call from jail. Arlie Vest Jr. hung out with Michelle and Odd for this episode of Mad World Radio.

Odd was brain fried from his first week of work, but the three of them together made beautiful epic showness together. You’ll need a change of shorts for sure. So settle in, grab some butter,…

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Love Lives Here


love lives here

Over the long weekend I spent some time with my girlfriend and her daughter. We had a cookout with my mother and then spent the evening playing and being outside. At one point we broke out the sidewalk chalk and decided to make our own graffiti.

As I was drawing with the little one, Ambyer had gone off and started her own art projects. One of the things she wrote was “Love Lives…

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MWR: Gets Neuro Sonic

MWR: Gets Neuro Sonic


Neuro Sonic

Another rousing and jam packed show of streaming goodness. Our guests in this episode are the guys from Neuro Sonic, a local progressive rock band from here in Michigan.

As usual we talked about many things with Kenny, Alex and Paul. Kenny referred to our conversation at one point as “chasing the rabbit” which is pretty accurate.

Make sure you hit the band’s websiteand…

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