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Pilgrimage to DarkSyde Acres

Pilgrimage to DarkSyde Acres

It’s October and that means a pilgrimage to DarkSyde Acres Haunted House!

10713002_10154689626605573_4277741543075873688_nI love DSA with a passion you may never fully understand, but trust me when I say that you have never been to anywhere like it before. I go out every year to experience the haunt and atmosphere, every year I try to take new people because I love the trip in with the newbies….more on that later!

DarkSyde Acresis every…

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MWR: Readings with Katrina

MWR: Readings with Katrina

Hey Gang, Odd & friends continue the Halloween fun by getting readings with Katrina Marie Saunder

NewepMeet The fun and bubbly Katrina, Michelle and Katrina are friends and she was kind enough to come give us all a peek into ourselves via Tarot card readings.

We didn’t cover it in the show, but there is a retro Halloween safety video posted to the MWR Facbook wall.



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MWR: Ghost Stories and Wrong Numbers

MWR: Ghost Stories and Wrong Numbers


That means we here at Mad World Radio are in full swing spooky. We all love Halloween and get into our favorite holiday to the fullest extent. All month long we’ll be playing Halloween related music and talking all things creepy and cool.

In this episode we have our own weird experience with a wrong number that had been texting the MWR line. Were talking about it and how I had…

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MWR: Condoms, Cocks and Vag Art

MWR: Condoms, Cocks and Vag Art

NewepWe’ve got a hot steaming pile of content ready for you with this episode. We covered a metric ton of ground bouncing between our daily life stories and the weird shit we find on the web.

Odd talks about his experience picking up a batch of cumbrellas, a documentary about a penis museum in Iceland and also the wall of vaginas!

The gang also shares the new segment….Today I Fucked Up. There was…

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MWR: FrankenFaked

NewepWe filled this episode to the very brim with laughs and content. Michelle is back after a couple weeks of being off air. She regales with tales of her misadventures.

Earlier in the week D and Odd received a screener copy of a documentary called FrankenFake, it’s a tell all doc about the experience Joe had on the show Face/Off.  So in this episode we speak with Joe Castro and Steven Escobar, the…

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10612759_10152358847607513_794624696434570625_nWhether you love it or hate it, we all have to face facts about “reality tv”. That fact being, there is nothing based in reality about it. Directors, producers and all sorts of other red right hands are involved in twisting and manipulating the audio/video trappings.

Frankenfake is the story of Joe Castro, Steven Escobar, SyFy Channel and the show Face/Off.

EDITORS NOTE- The use of quotations…

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