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Odd’s Song of the Day: Another Brick In The Wall

Today’s song was most serendipitous. Woke up and went about my morning. Coffee, Emails, Watching the wife jiggle (exercise) and then checking the morning headlines. The radio in my head had already settled on today’s tune.

Liz tells me about a “news” story, I use the quotations because we haven’t been able to fully verify the validity of it. Supposedly there will be a push for technical manual comprehension over fictional literary understanding. Meaning a dialing back of some literary staples in favor of how to disassemble the microwave.

More and more we seem to be becoming a less imaginatively driven society, favoring a mindless drone colony mentality. Tune into Wake The Fuck Up (starting January 6th, 2013) for our talks the spiraling society. Anyways, here is the song of the day.

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